Bombuster Slot Review: RTP 95.74% (Red Tiger)

By admin July 22, 2022 4 Min Read

You must be looking for the Bombuster slot review. Red Tiger has introduced explosions of various kinds to a game that focuses on a traditional fruit motif, has a cluster payout system, and average volatility as a band-aid solution that is meant to make everything better. 

This game may be intriguing in its own right, but we believe Red Tiger overestimates the contribution that explosions make to the enjoyment of a game. Other than that, it’s one of their less intriguing ideas and designs, while they excel in other game-related aspects.

A Brief of Bombuster Slot Review

First off, since you’re playing a slot machine with Cluster Pays, wins will be awarded to you if a group of at least five connected symbols—using a game area with seven by seven symbols—is formed. 

While the RTP is below average at 95.74%, the game only has ordinary volatility and a respectable 2,020x top payout that works with that type of risk. 

There is obviously space for improvement there, but the features do keep things exciting to some extent because they frequently use wild symbols together with explosions to destroy symbols.

1. Wagering Options

You choose the bet for the subsequent spin, and you do so for the entire playing field, ranging from $0.10 to $40.

Payouts could reach 2,020 times the round’s bet, which suggests that you could win a jackpot of more than $80,000. The highest paying clusters pay out 1,000 times the bet, but at least 40 matching symbols are required. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s a sufficient payout for a medium volatility slot game.

The RTP for this particular Red Tiger slot machine is also less than 96%, and while 95.74% is not far off, several other developers are using significantly higher percentages.

2. Slot Features

As we’ve already stated, there are 49 symbols on the 7×7 reels used in Bombuster. You build a cluster and are paid for it if there are at least 5 of the same type connected either horizontally or vertically in a group. You win extra depending on how large the cluster is and how high quality the symbols are.

If a wild symbol lands adjacent to a regular cluster, it will join that cluster and provide assistance. The different bursting bombs that will appear, remain in their current location for a period of rounds, and then explode in a predetermined order are actually the center of many of the game’s features. 

This removes several symbols from the reels and swaps them out for new ones or wilds. Wild Bombs can occur and remain motionless for up to 200 rounds before finally detonating and awarding you wilds along the path they follow.

Destroy Bombs will remain in place in their landing position for up to three rounds before they detonate and eliminate the symbols from their intended path. The cascading reels mechanic used in this game sees fresh symbols replacing the exploding ones.

Up to 50 spins may pass before a swap bomb detonates. They provide you with a single sort of symbol for each position you achieve.

The features of Bombuster initially seem intriguing, but in reality, these bombs might simply appear and occupy space in the playing area, acting as blocks. Before the reels’ Wild Bombs start to explode, you might even run out of money to play with.

3. Theme and Design

The use of explosives in this scenario may spice up the game a little, but generally, the concept is quite familiar and uninteresting. 

These symbols have been used in previous Red Tiger classic releases, thus the company didn’t put much effort into creating a beautiful design. Images of Lucky 7s, Silver Bells, Watermelons, Stars, Plums, Oranges, Lemons, and Cherries are among the symbols we see.

Final Words

In conclusion of Bombuster slot review, the game might be beneficial for a casual player because of its high volatility and top payouts, which appear to appeal to that group. 

We situs slot gacor hari ini, for one, find the RTP to be below average, that there isn’t much of a theme, and that the bomb symbols must just stand around and occupy space rather than quickly payingout.

Now, this slot is available at most betting sites, including situs judi slot online gampang menang bonus new member 100. So you can find and play it easier.

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