Spaceman Slot Review: RTP 96.5% with No Artificial Volatile

By admin March 8, 2022 6 Min Read

Ho Ho! We know, you are not patient to enjoy the newest game from the most reputable provider. Yes, we have the Spaceman slot review for you here! 

When experimenting with different ways to place a bet, players exploring the outer reaches of the online gambling arena may have come upon crash games. Crash games were once connected with sloppy operators who didn’t care about things like KYC. 

It was as simple as creating a log-in and depositing some cryptocurrency to play. Although this was not always the case, the stigma was still there. Crash games are on the verge of becoming mainstream, thanks to Pragmatic Play. 

The game in question is called Spaceman, and it offers all of the excitement that crash gaming is known for, as well as the extra respectability that comes with working with a reputable, licensed software provider.

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Spaceman Slot Review: A Space Game

Players are greeted by a chaotic scene when Spaceman appears on their screens. A night sky full of planets and stars is depicted on the game panel, with an Eve-like Spaceman in the center.


1. Chat Area

The astronaut spends half of the time standing around as the players place their wagers before blasting off during the game rounds. 

The fact that Spaceman is not a single venture separates it from an online slot. Instead, like a live dealer casino game, a large number of players can join in and play at the same time. There’s even a chat area where players can talk to each other.

2. Volatility and RTP

The UI offers a variety of methods to play the game, the first of which is to choose a base stake ranging from £/€1 to £/€100 every game round. 

Setting auto cashout from 1.01x to 4999.99x or a 50% auto cashout from 1.01x to 4,999.99x are two other choices. A line of previous results runs along the bottom of the screen, while connections to things like regulations may be found in the top right corner. 

Spaceman has a potential RTP of 96.5% due to the lack of artificial volatility. If you’re wondering, sure, each game result is determined through provably fair mechanics. If players are familiar with the SHA-256 method, they can examine the decrypted strings that are revealed after each game round.

3. Game Features

If you’ve ever tried Crazy Tooth Studio’s creative games The Incredible Balloon Machine or Golden Hook, you’ll have a fair sense of how Spaceman works. 

After you’ve set your bet, click ‘Confirm Bet’ to advance to the next round of the game. When the game round begins, the Spaceman blasts off, and an increasing multiplier appears next to him. The multiplier keeps increasing until the win limit is reached or the game fails.

New Buttons

When the game round begins, two new buttons appear on the screen: Cashout and Cashout 50%. Each one has a steadily increasing reward value. 

If you hit either of them before the Spaceman crashes, you’ll receive their prize. The distinction between the 2 buttons is that Cashout takes you out of the game and takes your prize with you. 

Cashout 50% implies you keep half of the bet’s winnings and keep the other half in the game so you can cash out later at a larger multiplier. You lose the bet if the Spaceman crashes before you can cash out. It’s important to remember that if the game fails at x1, everyone loses.

Cashout Button

The goal is to wait as long as possible before clicking the button, collecting a higher payout before crashing out. There’s no true art to it; it’s just a game of chance. This is where the automatic cash out options come in handy. Players can avoid pressing the Cashout buttons by selecting these. This is done at specified levels for them.

Final Thoughts

Early Crash games were frequently merely lines on a graph before adding visual elements like rockets or astronauts to give them more personality and appeal. 

While Spaceman may not be as visually appealing as a regular Pragmatic Play slot, it is a gorgeous addition to the crash gaming world. 

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In addition, while flashy graphics are nice, the key appeal of crash games is their quick replayability and the temptation to think you can beat the system. In the end, that is our Spaceman slot review for you from situs slot online!

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