Templar Tumble Review (RTP 96.29% | High Volatile) Relax Gaming

By admin March 22, 2022 6 Min Read

In this Templar Tumble review, you can learn how to put the right bet. Relax Gaming has drawn spiritual inspiration from the Middle Ages to create a new slot in their ‘Tumble’ series. This game takes the action to the world of chivalry, enlisting the help of the enigmatic Knights Templar. 

This decision gave Relax a lot of wonderful images to work with, which he put to good use while also adding some fun features like tumbles, free spins, and symbol changes. 

At first sight, Templar Tumble may appear to be a Megaways clone, but by the conclusion, it has distinguished itself and evolved into a highly enjoyable game.

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Overview of Templar Tumble Review

In Jerusalem, the Knights Templar was founded in 1119 to protect pilgrims passing through the Holy Land. 

They started off as nine destitute knights, but as the order developed in money and power, it became a little too successful, ruffling the wrong feathers. Most Templars were captured, disbanded, or burned as heretics by the 14th century. 

We encounter the Templars at the pinnacle of their power in Templar Tumble, where the action takes place on a 6×7 grid outside a sparkling medieval edifice somewhere in the Middle East under a bright blue sky. 

The game has a lovely, delicately light visual that complements the semi-religious character of the story, and it’s a very welcoming one.

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The other side of the Templars was fighting, and this particular battle was taking place on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, with stakes ranging from 10p to £/€20 every spin. Each spin scatters a random number of live symbols or blocker tiles over the grid; the exact quantity varies from spin to spin. 

Because each reel contains seven slots, the more live symbols you have, the more ways you can win – up to 117,649 in total. 

Despite the fact that Templar Tumble is not a Megaways game, you will undoubtedly find some similarities. Another is that winning combinations activate a reaction/tumble feature, which can result in some incredibly long win chains.

Volatile and RTP

The game is highly volatile, with many dead spins, but the win rate is high enough to keep you interested. The theoretical RTP is 96.29%, which is a little higher than usual, therefore the math model appears to be well balanced. 

Matching symbols, regardless of row position, land from left to right starting at the leftmost reel, resulting in a win. Symbol values aren’t huge on their own, but they can add up to a lot when combined with integers. 

They begin with four blazing low pays in the colors of blue, green, purple, and red, followed by three medieval symbols: trees, eagles, and lions.

In addition, a ring and a helm are the final 2 cards, and 6 of a kind are worth 1.2-2 times the stake. The wild symbol helps in the completion of combos by substituting for any of the pay symbols, as well as having an additional ability, which will be discussed next.

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Slot Features

It provides the basis of the gaming, similar to many other slots that use a cascade/tumble principle, with other features such as mystery reveals, free spins, and a bonus buy branching off of it. 

Tumbling reels work by exploding the relevant symbols off the grid whenever a winning combination lands. 

This permits new ones to rise to the top, resulting in new wins. Tumbles also remove those pesky blocker tiles, enabling, even more, pay symbols onto the board and, in a snowball effect, increasing the number of chances to win.

Tumbles continue until no new winners appear, at which point the next paid spin is started.

1. Wild Symbols

The surprise reveal feature is triggered when a wild symbol appears on reels 2 through 6. 3 to 8 blocker tiles are changed into mystery symbols by Wild, which is complemented by a wonderful choral effect. Until the current tumbling sequence concludes, mystery symbols will remain hidden. 

They then change into the same matching pay symbol, which might result in another win and restart the tumbles, or they can transform into coins, each giving a prize of 1 to 1,000 times the bet.

2. Free Spins

When all of the blocker tiles are destroyed in a tumbling sequence, the player is awarded 6 free spins. Play takes place inside the structure, on a fully exposed 117,649 pay way grid with no obstacles. 

When a wild lands, it now transforms three to six random symbols into mystery symbols. Mystery symbols can now be converted into pay symbols or cash coins, as well as awarding more free spins. 

If you don’t want to wait for the free spins to appear gradually, you can buy them with the bonus buy option for 80 times your bet.


Is it a Megaways slot or a grid slot? This game combines the best parts of both and creates something unique. Due to the way the reels look, half-covered in blockers as they are, there are memories of Fantasma’s Maze Escape Megaways. 

However, after you hit spin, the two games are worlds apart. Relax has developed an engaging experience through visuals and gameplay, with a distinctive theme and useful features. In the end, that is the king4d overview of the Templar Tumble review.

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